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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Anxiety… it’s a major issue that affects many…  I myself suffer from bouts of anxiety, and it is not joke!!!  I decided to write a blog that might help explain some of whats going on with your body, how it affects your body, and ways to deal with it (healthy ways, without medications!)

Anxiety not only affects your mental state, but also your physical body as well. 
First it is important to note, that at some point in their lives, everyone will experience anxiety at some point.  The more you understand and know, the better able you are to deal with problems when they arise…

When your body experiences anxiety, it goes into a state called “fight or flight”.  Many of us have heard of this, but don’t really understand what this is.  Anxiety (fight or flight) can be beneficial at times, for example if your camping in the woods, and encounter a wild animal, fight or flight kicks in, which gives you the energy to run, or to stay and fight.  When your body enters fight or flight mode your body begins to prepare for that stressor. 

Your body begins to produce adrenaline, which gives you more energy and strength, the body produces epinephrine, this allows you to make snap quick actions in direction (in case of fighting for your life, or running away from danger).   Your muscles will also being to tense up, this is also to help you in fight or flight against a stressor (or danger).

Your heart will begin to beat faster, to give oxygen to your muscles, this also causes your breathing to speed up (this is why when someone is experiencing anxiety, with no major stressor, panic attacks can be common).

Digestion will slow (because this will waste energy, that your body can use against the stressor), your blood sugar will increase, this is to help provide fuel for your body.

The above listed symptoms of anxiety show how it can be beneficial in a dangerous situation when presented with a stressor.  However, imagine what this can do to your body if you are not in this situation. 

Anxiety from stress, can be dangerous for your body.  Your body is producing and acting in a way to enable you protect yourself, however if your body is not in need of this, this adrenaline has nowhere to go.   And this is where your body can be damaged, and the problems begin.
Because of that, some of the symptoms people might experience include:
Panic attacks
Cramping (of the muscles)
Upset stomach and nausea
Chest pains
Numb/tingling sensations
Dizziness and a feeling of being lightheaded

Anxiety will not only affect your body, but also your mind, your thoughts.  And because of this your behaviors.  Anxiety will lead to thoughts of fear, and panic.  Anxiety can make you feel like your losing control, or dying.  Which can cause us to make rash, quick decisions without thinking them through. 
They can cause us to be short and snapy with the people around us.

While suffering from anxiety and a panic attack, it can be very scary!  Here are some ways to cope with that:
Cognitive-Behavioral therapy would be the number  1 way to deal with anxiety.  If it is to the point where this is impacting your life more than not, the only way to cure this is through therapy.  

Medication will not work, medication is NOT meant as a long term fix, only short turn during therapy.  Therefore medication is NOT the answer.  Therapy is the only sure fire way to cure an anxiety disorder.

However, if you cannot get to or see a therapist here is some idea’s to help during the mist of anxiety or a panic attack:

First, stop what your doing, recognize that this is an anxiety attack, this is temporary, this will go away.

Second, try to regulate your breathing, meditate…  take slow deep breaths, and focus your thoughts on something calming and soothing.

Self-care is also important, set aside some time at the end of the day, to unwind and relax in a calming
atmosphere.  For everyone this is different, this could be a walk with the dog, a long bath, listening to calming music, etc… find whatever works for you and give yourself this time to unwind.   Exercise, and eat healthy.  Exercise is a great way to release stress, and anxiety.  Eating right will help your body function better, and have a good sleep pattern.

Keep educated and informed about anxiety, try to keep a journal, so you can identify what causes and triggers these attacks. 

I know for myself, it is stress.  When I get too stressed out, or too angry I begin to experience anxiety, which leads to panic attacks.  There was one night, just sitting on the computer playing a game I started to have serious breathing problems and had to go into the ER.  This happens to me when I let myself experience too much too much stress or anger for a period of time with no self-care. 
Anxiety is serious, if basic at home things do not work, consult a therapist as soon as possible.


  1. Thank you for this post! I'm using your suggestions right now as I type this, and it's working. Stressful day yesterday and stressful morning today building up into a panic attack~ your post was just what I needed, just in time! :)

    1. Thank you, I'm so glad it was able to help you. Anxiety can be serious and very scary... I suffer myself from it. And it's hard to explain to others who've never experienced it...

      Find whatever it is that relaxes you, and just keep doing it, I know when I get too stressed out, and need a break cause I can feel it building, I'll read a book :D Pop out a romance novel, and escape reality for a few hours...

      What works for me, might not work for everyone though, so I tried to put in some basics in the blog, the self-care section though varies by person, you know what will work for you, and if not, just try things and if they work awesome if not try something new :D

      I hope you feel better!!! Remember, it's only temporary (the panic attacks)... :) You got this!!! :D

  2. Just the beginning of the NIGHTMARE ahead of me. My Narc is headed out the door on Monday! I'll need all the help I can get with relieving the pain, anxiety and hurt. Thank you so much!

    1. Not a problem!!!
      It can be a struggle... just remember to stick to your goal, stay strong... there will be times you want to revert back, just remember it's not worth, find things to occupy your mind and time... It will be a struggle, they are emotional predators!! Just remember, it is possible, you WILL get through it, just stick with it :)